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Corporate Employees

Corporate TrainingBring us in to develop in-house classroom training to bring everyone up to speed in the shortest time possible.

New Hires

If you have a new employee who needs to brush up their computer skills, contact us. We’ll find out what they know, and what they need to know. Then we’ll design a personalized training session targeting your company’s needs.


Staff Development

Make sense of Excel data and pivot tables. Use Word to prepare client documents, reports, and manuscripts.

We do efficiency training with employees who already know how to use their Mac or PC. We’ll examine their workflow and suggest tips and tricks that will save time and effort. We guarantee return on investment!


Computer Upgrades: “What’s New in…?” Classes

Spend an hour demonstrating the differences between old and new versions of Windows, Microsoft Word, Excel, and Outlook. The biggest frustration with new versions of Microsoft Office is not knowing where to look to find familiar tools.

There’s no reason your employees should have to spend 5 minutes searching out a command they’re used to finding by muscle memory.  You also want staff to be able to take advantage of new features they otherwise wouldn’t know existed.

In the classroom, after pouring through our list of changes and new features, we open up the floor for questions and customized troubleshooting. Your employees will leave the hour comfortable with the new look and feel of the tools they rely on every day.


How Do YOU Want it Done?

When rolling out new software, there are always independencies between departments: “If you enter this information in this field formatted like this, it will make it easy for us to do this…”.

Consistency is key. Everyone should use the software in the same way, from procedures to formatting. But unless you bring everyone together, there’s no way to make it stick.

We’ll incorporate your company’s policies and procedures into the curriculum. As we train, we’ll show everyone where to write what, and in what order to click. They won’t even realize there’s an alternative. They’ll think that’s “just how it works.”


Follow up

Once the trainings are complete, it’s time to make the classroom learning real. We can reinforce the training by scheduling special sessions with users who are having trouble.  We will go deeper with more advanced employees, helping them with their real-life files.

We also provide follow up floor walking. Not only does this extend instantaneous problem-solving, it allows us to uncover issues with your software implementation. We’ll spotlight usability considerations that you can address as a whole instead of compensating with individual workarounds.

By filling the potholes, your road to transition will be a smooth one.


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Call us at 503-406-6550 or use the contact form below.

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