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Small Business Owners

Small Business OwnersCustom Computer Training

You have a lot to do and not a lot of time. We focus on the software features you need to streamline your office procedures.

A little training up front will save you hours of time down the road.

We can design a custom computer training curriculum of any size for your business, from 1-on-1 sessions to hundreds of employees. Classes can be live or by webinar. We also do virtual training and support via screen share.  For a full list of classes and offerings, click here.



Keeping good financial records is essential not only to pay the tax man, but to make good business decisions. We set up new Quickbooks files and customize your procedures to minimize data entry.

Take our classes to get a solid foundation, then set up a time to have us train you on your specific needs.

We support all industries, from contractors to artists.


New Hires

If you have a new employee who needs to brush up their computer skills, contact us. We’ll find out what they know, and what they need to know. Then we’ll design a personalized training session targeting your company’s needs.


Staff Development

Make sense of Excel data and pivot tables. Use Word to prepare client documents, reports, and manuscripts.

We do efficiency training with employees who already know how to use their Mac or PC. We’ll examine their workflow and suggest tips and tricks that will save time and effort. We guarantee return on investment!


iPads in the Field

Do you take estimates in the field, or fill out forms on the spot with your clients? We can set you up to use an iPad that will save documents right into your office filing system. You can even take electronic signatures!


Software Upgrades

If you’re upgrading to a new version of Windows, Microsoft Office, or are converting to Mac, avoid chaos by incorporating employee training.

Our training can be much more than just explaining software features. Before we begin, we can do a needs assessment to address the concerns of each department, then build that feedback into the approach. In that way, your new systems are implemented to incorporate Best Practices. When employees are subsequently trained, they learn not just the software, but how it should be used in your business.


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Call us at 503-406-6550 or use the contact form below.

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