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Home Mac UsersWhen you’re stuck, who do you ask? Do you sit on hold for 30 minutes and then get transferred? Do you travel all the way downtown to be patronized by a young computer geek? Do you call an intimidating tech service, who swoops in, does a bunch of stuff to your computer, and leaves?

Don’t waste your time, and don’t even bother letting your frustration mount. Call Jamie and Alicia instead!

Make a list of every question you have. What do you want to learn? What’s not working? We’ll come to your home or office, work down your list, and teach you how to do it yourself…that is, unless you just don’t care, and want someone to take care of it for you. We’ll do that, too.

Read more about some of the topics we can help you with:

We can also help you with WordPress, email newsletters using Mailchimp or Constant Contact, Photoshop, and more.


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