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QuickBooks Setup and Training

Certified Elite QuickBooks ProAdvisor, Alicia Katz Pollock, can help you with QuickBooks setup, troubleshooting, and training.

Get training and support in your office, home, or even the local coffee shop. If you live outside the Portland, OR area, we can help you remotely through screenshare.

Customized Training

Learning how to take advantage of QuickBooks features can have a major impact on your bottom line.

Get customized training for your business needs. We will teach you at your pace and skill level, from beginners to advanced users. Learn procedures to save time on data entry. You and your staff will be up and running, using your QuickBooks accounting software efficiently in no time.

Set Up

Although QuickBooks is designed for the average small business owner, the initial setup can be confusing. What is my start date? What chart of accounts do I use? Am I cash or accrual?

Don’t make the mistake of trying to set up QuickBooks on your own! Contact us. It’s much less expensive to get your QuickBooks file set up correctly from the get-go than to fix problems later. We’ll customize your QuickBooks file for your unique business and bookkeeping needs, providing you with a solid foundation to achieve your business goals.


A large percentage of problems we encounter can be traced back to one issue: QuickBooks was not set up and used properly.

Do not make the mistake of basing important business decisions on guesswork. You need accurate numbers to create useful budgets and projections, in order to avoid looming cash flow problems.

If you lack confidence that your QuickBooks setup is correct, or if you have doubts that you can trust the numbers in your reports, contact us. We’ll conduct a review of your current setup and fix any issues that need to be resolved.


Home users, you’re not left out! We provide all the same setup and training services for Quicken.

Learn how to balance your checkbook and keep track of your credit card expenses. Quicken even gives you up-to-the-minute values on your investments. You can even run simple 1040 tax reports at the end of the year.

Contact Us

Call us at 503-406-6550 or fill in our contact form.

Our QuickBooks Learning Library:

Alicia records all of her live classes and webinars. So even if the class you want isn’t on our upcoming live class and webinar schedule, you can take the class at your convenience in our On-Demand Library.