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Microsoft Office TrainingWhether you use Microsoft Office on a PC or a Mac, we can help you be more productive and effective using this essential computer software suite. Alicia has been certified in Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, and Outlook for almost 30 years.

We’ll come to your home or office, meet you at the local coffee shop, or support you remotely through screen share. Make a list of your questions and things you want to learn and contact us to make an appointment.


Number-crunching doesn’t have to be daunting! Most people are intimidated by Conditional Formatting, Data Tables, and Pivot Tables, but once you know how to use them, it’s remarkably simple…and even fun!

From formulas and functions to charts, we’ll show you how to use Microsoft Excel’s tools to make smart business decisions.

Job hunters and established executives all need Excel for many business functions.

We have videos and classes you can attend live or by webinar. We can even help you 1-on-1 on your own files!


Everybody uses Microsoft Word, and it’s not hard to figure out how to create a document. But if you’re self-taught, you probably aren’t aware of techniques that streamline your formatting and give you full control over what the final product looks like.

Did you know that Word has relatively advanced tools for editing graphics right inside your reports? You can crop photos, knock out backgrounds, and even apply special effects…all techniques you used to have to do in Photoshop!

If you send people contracts or forms to fill out, we have tricks to create REAL forms, eliminating all those underlines that keep moving around the page and messing up its professional appearance.

We’ll show you word processing tips and tricks to improve your workflow when creating books, reports, contracts, and more.

Our Microsoft Word books and eBooks are chock-full of quick tips you can use immediately. We also have video courses, classes and Word Candy “edutainment events,” too!

We can even help you 1-on-1 on your own files! Authors preparing books for publication love this service.


Not just for presentations anymore! Whether you’re giving a workshop or want to an easy way to make a video for YouTube or Kickstarter, we’ll show you how to use Microsoft PowerPoint’s amazing graphic tools to create a slide deck in minutes.

Broadcast the final slideshow on the web, or export it into a movie complete with narration. In just a few hours we’ll help you become a graphic design pro, even if you can’t draw a stick figure.


Outlook is a one-stop shop for email, contacts, calendar, and to-do lists. Organize all your projects for easy access using folders and categories. Integrate it with your Apple products, too!

Add as many email addresses as you’d like. Use Rules to sort your messages into folders to keep a minimal Inbox.

Keep track of business associates, including Group lists.

Use Meetings to not just put appointments on your calendar, but (if you’re on an Exchange server for work) to see who is available and when.


On a PC, Access is an easy-to-use database to track your customers and sales…or even just your wine collection.

We’ll teach you how to build an Access database. Start from scratch by creating Tables and defining Fields. Design fill-in forms for easy data entry and viewing. Run Reports to see all your data, laid out so it’s easy on the eye.


Store frequently-used text and images to paste into your emails and projects. Organize snippets and facts that you want to remember, or use later.

Make to-do lists that synchronize to your iPhone!

Use Notebooks, Section Tabs, and Pages to collect all those little details so your brain doesn’t have to!


This Office365 cloud-based service synchronizes all of your Microsoft Office content between your computer, iPhone, iPad, and office.com. No more emailing files back and forth, or using flash drives!

It also allows multiple users to collaborate, editing documents all at the same time.

Office for iPad

The wait is over! Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote are now available on your iPad!

While they’re not the full versions that you’re used to, these new apps allow you to create new documents and edit existing files while you’re out of the office.

If you subscribe to Office 365, all your documents are available instantaneously.

Road warriors rejoice! People who like their software simple and straightforward, you will be thrilled to create documents and files with a minimum of fuss.

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